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Frequently Asked Questions - Covid 19

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As part of Warrington Borough Council’s strategy in dealing with Covid 19, Warrington LIFE have been asked to support the sharing of important information regarding education services at this time.  One way we are helping is by using our main phone line as the contact number for education services, but to help you decide whether you need to make a call we’ve made this short FAQ to answer a few common questions:

Government guidance around Covid-19 is being updated daily.  For the most up-to-date information possible please visit 


Can I send my child to school, and what times will the school be open?

Schools are open for the children of key workers when absolutely necessary, such as when there is nobody in your home that could look after your child for you.  Schools are also open for vulnerable pupils at this time.

The opening times of school will vary as they are trying to be as flexible as possible and have staff available for things like bank holidays and weekends.  Because of this, every school’s hours will be likely be different, and you should contact your school directly for more information.


What will happen to GCSE and A-Level exams?

All final exams for this academic year have now been cancelled.  Final grades will now be decided based on a number of factors, but predicted grades and results from ‘mocks’ will not be the final grades – a much broader amount of work will be used.  You can find the guidelines for the grading method for GCSE and A-levels by clicking here.

Students will have a right to appeal if they feel their final grade isn’t appropriate, and all university offers are unchanged by this change in grading.  Results days for both GCSEs and A-Levels has not changed.


My child would normally get transport – will this still be the case?

Yes, if you are a key worker and your child would normally receive school transport you will still receive it.  Please contact your school directly to make arrangements.


My child is eligible for free school meals – will we still get them?

The school meals team are now providing packed lunches for all schools centrally.  The orders for these meals are placed by the school rather than individually – please contact your school directly to make any specific requests.

If your child would normally receive free school meals but is not attending school at this time then your school will arrange for vouchers to be sent to you.  Please contact the school directly for more information.


Where can I speak to someone regarding education services and Coronavirus?

As we are working as part of Education Services you can use our contact number to get further information – 01925 44 22 11.  You can also email us at

Last Updated: 20th April 2020