Travel & Transport in Warrington

Warrington is a large town, and it’s important to know how to travel to the different parts of town so you have as many career options as possible.

Once you are 17 you can get a provisional license and start to learn to drive or ride a motorbike. You don’t have to do this though – you can use trains, buses, cycling, or walking too.

You may be able to get financial help with travelling to school or college.  Speak to your student services about this to find out more.



There are five train stations in Warrington, Warrington Central Station and Warrington Bank Quay Station being the biggest and both in the town centre.  Train timetables are available at the stations and online.

If you are considering a career or apprenticeship where you would travel by train it could be worth buying a 16-25 railcard.  Using one of these will make your tickets 33% cheaper, but they have some restrictions on them so it’s worth checking if it will save you money before buying one.  You can buy a railcard at your train station or online.

If you are regularly travelling before 10am every day it might be cheaper to buy a season ticket.  You have to pay for the whole ticket up-front, but this will be cheaper than buying a ticket every day.  Ask at your local train station for more information about season tickets.



Warrington’s main bus station is the interchange at Golden Square. You can pick up paper timetables and also see live timetables for the buses running inside the station.  There is also an information desk if you want to find out more about how to get to different places in Warrington.

If you travel by bus more than three times a week a bus pass might save you money.  Network Warrington’s bus passes can be for a week, month, school term, or even a year.  These are called ‘Touch and Go’ cards.  You can find more information about these passes by visiting the information desk.  You can also learn about Bus cards on their website.




Though it’s big for a town, Warrington isn’t so big that it’s difficult to get around on a bike.  Cycling is an easy way to get from place to place that’s very cheap and good for you health.  There are a number of cycle paths and routes in Warrington to help you avoid busier roads, which can all be found on the Cycling Route Maps made by Warrington Borough Council.

If you are going to travel by bike it’s worth spending some money on lights and a helmet to stay safe.  If you’re not used to cycling on the roads you can book for Free Road Cycling Training with BikeRight.

Last Updated: 29th January 2020

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