Privacy Policy- In Compliance with GDPR

Our Privacy Policy

The Warrington LIFE service’s Privacy Policy states why we legally have to collate and hold data, we are committed to making sure that we will: 

  • Only collect, hold and use personal information where it is necessary and fair to do so 
  • Keep your personal information secure and safe 
  • Securely delete any personal information when it is no longer needed 
  • Be open with individuals about how we use their information and who we share it with 
  • Adopt and maintain high standards in handling any personal information 

We may disclose personal information to involved third parties , but only when required by law. An example would be with educational records where we are required to share them with the Department for Education. We will only share data when it complies with the Data Protection Act.

Download Warrington Borough Council’s full privacy policies [PDF – 0.2mb]

What to expect in the Q&A Section

In this Q&A section, we hope to answer any and all important questions people may have for us so they may have a clearer picture in what to do. If you have any other questions where we haven’t answered, please feel free to let us know at or through our Contact Page.



Last Updated: 30th January 2020

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