What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is something you can hand in with your CV.  It’s often a very useful addition to your CV when applying for a job.  Basically, a cover letter is there to add extra detail and show that you can put the work in to make your application stand out.

Cover letters aren’t normally long. In fact it’s better if they’re short, never more than one page.  Much of this page is taken up with things like addresses and signatures, so there’s less writing than you’d first think.  You need to write three things on your cover letter, in this order:

Why you want this job

Why you?  Make your case why you want to be considered for this job.  You can tell them how passionate you are about this kind of work or how you’re ready to try something new.  Use your cover letter to talk about things you wouldn’t normally include on a CV!

Skills and experiences

Use this to show why they should choose you!  These skills and experiences should be backed up with examples.  If you’re going to say you have a skill make sure you can link it to a job or experience you’ve had.

Requesting an interview

You’ve shown you want to be considered for this job, it’s worth making it clear when you can come in for an interview and how long your notice period would be.


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Last Updated: 30th January 2020