What Options are available for me after Year 11?

It’s June, you’ve taken all of your exams, and the summer holiday is about to begin… Now what?

If you are under 18 you are now required to continue in education or training until your 18th birthday, or until a level 3 qualification (equiavlent to an A level) is achieved – whichever comes first.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stay in school or college, though.  Your options are;

  • Stay in Full Time Education – going to College or a Sixth Form for 2 years
  • Secure an Apprenticeship
  • Get a Job – there must be some accredited training with the job – this means it must be training that leads to a qualification, not just training for the job.

What to Think About

To help you to decide the right choice for you, think about:

  • The GCSE grades achieved (or have been predicted)
  • How you like to learn – some people enjoy school and classroom environments and are happy going to college. Some people prefer hands-on activities and learning ‘on the job’ so getting an apprenticeship would be better for them.
  • What career you would like to do in the future.  Some careers will need you to have qualifications that you can only get in college or university, so an apprenticeship might not be suitable.

For more detailed information about the different options take a look at our Post 16 booklet.

You are not stuck doing one thing for the two years if you don’t want to be, you just have to be doing one of the three  going to college doesn’t mean you can’t apply for an apprenticeship. Just as if you don’t enjoy work, you can apply to college.  We can help with all of these scenarios if you need us to.

If you have a career idea in mind but would like to explore this further then you could use the our website’s Jobs Section or make an appointment with an Education and Employment Adviser.

Last Updated: 30th January 2020