Where can I talk to someone about my Options, Career Ideas and Jobs?

Who can I talk to about Careers/ My Options?

Under 19?

Often a lot of things can be overwhelming and daunting. Not everything is as clear as you want it to be, but that is where we come in. Warrington LIFE’s Career Advisers are available to talk you through all the options you have available to you and to make your life easier. You can book an appointment at the following times in Contact Warrington on Horsemarket Street;

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am – 3pm

Tuesday  10am– 3pm

Thursday 10am – 12pm

We offer appointments through bookings only. Contact Us via Email on 01925 44 2211 or send us an email careersservice@warrington.gov.uk

What to expect in the Q&A Section

In this Q&A section, we hope to answer any important questions people may have for us so they may have a clearer picture in what to do. If you have any other questions where we haven’t answered, please feel free to let us know at careersservice@warrington.gov.uk or through our Contact Page.

Over 19?

National Careers Service – A National Service that can give you advice and guidance around your job search, CV writing, and what steps to take next.  Most meetings are arranged via appointment, but there is also a telephone number you can use for quick advice.

New Leaf – A Service for people who aren’t working or in education designed to help you get back on track.  New Leaf has lots of training courses and support built into it and can help you with things such as budgeting too.

Job Centre Plus – Warrington’s Job Centre will have jobs advertised inside, and they can also help you in applying for Universal Credit if you’re not currently working.

Do you need language support?

As part of Warrington Borough Council we have access to translation services and interpreters.  If you or the person you are supporting need English language support at appointments please contact us and we can look to make arrangements.


Last Updated: 30th January 2020