What is an Apprenticeship?

Want to learn and work at the same time?  An apprenticeship might be the best choice for you.

Rather than only go to college or only have a job, an apprenticeship combines both.  You’ll work for a company and make money, but get qualifications for that job at the same time.  This is often a great ‘foot in the door’ way to start your career from a younger age than normal.

A lot of people think apprenticeships are for simple or trade-only jobs.  This isn’t true!  There are now apprenticeships for all kinds of different jobs, and qualifications go all the way up to university degree.  Check out our vacancies page to see some of the apprenticeships available in Warrington right now!

To apply for one you’ll need to register on the national apprenticeship service website.  All of our vacancies link to this site, so it’s easy to find.

You can’t apply for an apprenticeship until you have left school and are not in full time education.  If you applied while you’re in college you would have to leave your college course to start the apprenticeship.

There are a lot of really great positives to having an apprenticeship

  • You’re earning money right away
  • You are straight in the field you want to work in
  • There are great chances to make connections you can use
  • You’ll get paid holidays and leave like any other employee


Interested in applying but need some support?  Get in touch, we can help


What to expect in the Q&A Section

In this Q&A section, we hope to answer any important questions people may have for us so they may have a clearer picture in what to do. If you have any other questions where we haven’t answered, please feel free to let us know at careersservice@warrington.gov.uk or through our Contact Page.




Last Updated: 30th January 2020